What is the connection between FutureNet and One-Line-Online The Green Line Corp.

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Something we may all know, but we didn’t want to believe it! Another company, but the same end…

OneLine Online Review: “Green share investment”

The OneLine Online website domain (“one-line-online.com”) was registered on the 14th of November 2013, listing a “Milton Banks” from Nassau in the Bahamas as the owner. Banks’ name does not appear anywhere on the OneLine Online website and due to the generic nature of the name.

Reportedly OneLine Online affiliates was naming David Parker, a Canadian Businessman who lives in Dubai” as OneLine Online’s CEO.

Connection between FutureNet and One-Line-Online

Prior to FutureNet, Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern were involved in OneLine Online.

OneLine Online was a share-based Ponzi scheme launched in early 2014. Roman served as Chief Operations Officer and Stephan as an investor. It is assumed Ziemian and Morgenstern’s time at OneLine Online formed the inspiration behind FutureNet.

Prior to Ponzi scamming Ziemian was an affiliate with LEO, a personal development based recruitment scheme. Morgenstern was also a LEO affiliate. Before that he was an affiliate with Organo Gold (ganoderma coffee) and World Ventures (travel-based recruitment scheme).

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