Australian BTC Markets Exposes Users’ Personal Data

Published by Cyber Flows on

Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, BTC Markets has accidentally exposed the names and email addresses of its users in a marketing email.

BTC Markets uses a third-party service for mailing. A promotional letter with personal data was sent to 1000 user addresses.

“The process was very fast, so once the error was detected, it was impossible to stop the batch sending,” BTC Markets said.

Representatives of the exchange said that the passwords from the accounts were not compromised. However, BTC Markets, with more than 270,000 crypto traders on-board have encouraged users to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) and change email access.

The trading platform promised to report the incident to the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office and conduct an internal audit.

BTC Markets CEO Caroline Bowler urged exchange users to be vigilant, warning of possible phishing attacks. The day before the incident, she announced her appointment as a member of the board of the national blockchain association.

Recall that in November, an unknown person gained access to account and domain management of the Liquid cryptocurrency exchange. However, the company has said customers’ funds are safe.

Earlier, the leak of personal information of a million users was reported by the manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger.


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