#TwitterHacked: Is Twitter Hacked? A Bitcoin Scam Is Hitting Famous Twitter Accounts

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In what seems to be an attack on twitter, famous celebrities like Elon Musk and few major crypto twitter accounts were used to roll out a seemingly bitcoin scam. The fake posts include a BTC address and promises anyone double returns on their deposits.

#TwitterHacked Trending with Account Including Elon Musk Under Attack

Elon Musk’s account was used today to roll out a what seems to be bitcoin scam. The tweet promised anyone double of whatever they deposited to the given address. The tweet came as a surprise to netizens as Elon Musk has already announced he is no way into cryptocurrencies and sudden giveaway of Bitcoin is not something Elon Musk would engage into.

Here is a screenshot of tweet, it is no removed from Twitter.

Elon Twitter Account hacked

Is Twitter Under Attack?

The account as reported by a netizen already already has more than $10k in deposits. Though the address is reported on bitcoinabuse.com and many users have reported this address to prevent further damage to investors.

Twitter under attack

The list of compromised accounts include likes of Bill gates, Binance, coindesk and many major famous twitter accounts. There is yet to be any official announcement from twitter, but this seems to be a major cryptocurrency scam.

Source: coingape.com; businessinsider.com

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