Twitter’s CEO Jack heckled at Bitcoin 2021 conference over censorship issue

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At the event, one of the attendees interrupted the discussion at one point, seemingly accusing Dorsey of undue censorship of free speech through Twitter.

According to US-based entertainment news company Meaww, the attendee who interrupted Dorsey was an anti-Muslim activist, Laura Loomer.

She attacked Dorsey at the bitcoin reference for being a “giant hypocrite about censorship and freedom of speech”.

Laura registered her protest against the new censorship rules and accused Dorsey of “interfering” with people’s rights.

“Censorship is human rights violation, ” she said. Following her gimmick, Laura was quickly escorted out, reported Meaww.

Twitter banned Laura back in 2018 after she posted a tweet about Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. In her tweet, Laura mentioned that Omar, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, was “anti-Jewish” and that her religion pushed homophobia and abuse of women.

Laura had registered her protest against getting banned from the platform by handcuffing herself to the glass doors leading into Twitter’s Manhattan headquarters. “It’s almost as if Twitter hates Jews and conservatives. When is Jack Dorsey going to stop censoring conservatives? When am I going to get my Twitter back? I’ll be here as long as it takes, ” she said, reported Meaww.

Twitter raged with reactions over Laura Loomer’s heckling of Twitter CEO over censorship issues. While some agreed with Laura’s stance, some condemned her act.


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