Rockets Jeff Van Gundy/Kevin McHale wary of playoff formats

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As NBA commissioner Adam Silver seeks to find a format that will allow the league to return, former Houston Rockets coaches Kevin McHale and Jeff Van Gundy state their concerns with what’s been floated around.

The novel coronavirus has changed all of our lives in one way or another. Graduations and weddings turned into cancellations, and the nation reached unemployment heights that haven’t been reached since The Great Depression, not to mention how many tragically lost loved ones. The Houston Rockets have done their part to give back in a variety of ways, including providing meals to those that have risked their lives by simply going to work, and hosting several blood drives.

Although the pandemic shut down the sports world altogether, there’s been a bit of a resurgence in sports as of late. We’ve seen the Bundesliga continue, in addition to the Korean Baseball Organization. These leagues have provided proof that games can continue, even if it means no fans can attend the games.

The NBA has made it clear that they would also like to return to the hardwood, as both the players and owners are in unison on getting the league started back up and crowning a champion.

Commissioner Adam Silver has been seeking to identify the best solution for everyone involved, which is a difficult task on many fronts. The safety has to be considered, as does the timetable of when the season will be completed.

There are also effects of next season, as it will surely have to be pushed back, which could affect the total number of games played. What we’ve heard of late is that the league will resume action in a bubble-like environment, and that the league has honed in on Orlando as the likely destination.

But the format we will see upon a return is up in the air, as that’s still being assessed. Several of the Houston Rockets’ former coaches have expressed concern about the rumblings we’ve been hearing about some of the potential options the league has been considering.

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