LeBron James Closes On $39 Million Mansion In Beverley Hills

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When LeBron James went to join the Lakers in 2018, it wasn’t exactly shocking. As James plays out the closing years of his career, his post-basketball life continues to become a matter of concern.

Where better to retire than Los Angeles?

Even despite his stints in Cleveland and Miami, all indications point to James settling down and spending his days in Southern California. One of his most recent purchases includes a $39 million mansion in Beverley Hills.

The replace looks comfortable enough. And, more importantly for the Lakers, it seems like James plans on staying in the city for the long-haul.

Once he finally decides to call it quits, we can expect him to be involved in L.A. business, media, and arts.

As for the Lakers, they still have work to do if they want to continue their run at the top of the NBA. With LeBron seemingly secured for years to come, they’ll have to focus their energy on Anthony Davis, who is set to become a free agent this offseason.

We’ll see how they fare in that endeavor.

Source: fadeawayworld.net

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