‘Openly racist’ Trump stomped out of his press conference because he knew he blew it: ex-White House official

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Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart lambasted Donald Trump on Tuesday morning for his meltdown before the press late Monday, where he walked out on reporters after making what appeared to be a racist comment to one Chinese-American White House correspondent.

Speaking with host Alisyn Camerota, Lockhart expressed disgust with the president’s actions and demeanor during the press availability that ended abruptly.

“Yesterday when he got agitated after a reporter asked him a question and he said, ‘go ask china,’” host Camerota began. “This is a Chinese-American reporter– I don’t know if President Trump knew that. I don’t know what was in President Trump’s head. But why would a reporter go ask China? Why isn’t President Trump talking to China since he seems very angry at China, though he also continues to praise President Xi and President Xi’s response? I mean, it’s been quite a mixed message on China, and why is President Trump trying to outsource that to a reporter?”

“Well, you know, I’ve watched a lot of these press conferences and I’ve participated in helping people get ready. and occasionally, you know, even the best politician kind of loses it,” Lockhart began. “And I think the president felt a little bit threatened by the question. He does have problems with — with taking questions when he’s challenged by women, particularly women of color. And, in that moment, I think you saw, you know, in a moment of crisis, his true character came out.”

“All he saw there was an Asian, not an Asian-American, and someone who was — who represented China,” he continued. “And he lashed out at her in a way that, I believe, was openly racist. And I think what you saw after that, in the byplay with [CNN’s] Kaitlan [Collins] and giving her some time and giving her a moment to think, was he knew what he did and he had no way out of it, so he just kind of, you know, stamped his feet and walked away. But it really was a low moment in his presidency. There have been moments, but that was a low moment where we got a window into his character.”

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