Facebook Messenger and Instagram down across the EU

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According to Down Detector, reports of issues started at around 9am on Thursday.

Facebook users reported an issue with logging into the app while 36% of reports suggest a total blackout.

Instagram, also owned by Facebook, has seen a huge spike in reports of problems too, both in the UK and across Europe.

The reason for the problems is still unknown and Newsquest have contacted Facebook for comment.

Social Media users unsurprisingly flocked to Twitter to question whether the issues they were having were part of a wider issue.

One Facebook user tweeted: “My day off and Facebook Messenger is down.”

“Facebook, please fix messenger or I will riot,” wrote another.

Another tweeted: “Dear Facebook, you have a problem in your messenger app, try to fix it, thanks.”

Meanwhile Instagram users were complaining of similar issues, one user Tweeted: “Instagram down…my messages disappear when I load the page…is it with someone else?”

“Can’t DM anyone, pretty cool. #Instagram down” said another.

Source: edinburghlive.co.uk

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