Max Keiser Shares His Take on Why Bitcoin Is Trading Higher

Published by Cyber Flows on

In a recent tweet, RT host and long-time Bitcoin proponent Max Keiser has linked Bitcoin’s recent price surge to the political turmoil in the United States.

Keiser says that buying Bitcoin and regaining individual sovereignty could be ‘the only way’ to beat the system.

Monetizing anger with Bitcoin 

Keiser encourages everyone to ‘monetize’ their anger with Bitcoin and buy their freedom.  

During the escalation of the U.S.-Iran tensions in January, the price of Bitcoin ripped sharply higher, which helped to fuel the safe haven narrative around the orange coin.

Despite the fact that BTC plummeted together with other assets when the pandemic gripped the world, its swift recovery made investors realize BTC’s resilience.

Yesterday, the BTC price spiked to $9,760, its highest level since May 20, during the escalation of riots before retracing to its current price tag of $9,561.


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