Leaked Wall Street report predicts Bitcoin to hit US$320k in 2021

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In just 12 months a single Bitcoin will be potentially be worth an eye-watering US$318,000 (A$432,000), according to a leaked Citbank report. Currently the cryptocurrency is trading at just over US$19,000 per coin. The Citibank report, which described Bitcoin as “21st century gold”, was leaked on Twitter, accompanied with the words, “Target: Moon”.

“Moon” is a catchcry used by the Bitcoin community to reflect the belief that the cryptocurrency has the potential to achieve dramatic, exponential growth.” The whole existence of Bitcoin has been characterised by unthinkable rallies followed by painful corrections, the type of pattern that sustains a long term trend,” Citibank’s global head of CitiFX Technicals Tom Fitzpatrick wrote. Mr Fitzpatrick guided his Wall Street investment clients to a chart which showed three Bitcoin bull runs over the last decade.” Are we on the cusp of another such structural development?” he asked.

Mr Fitzpatrick then wondered if an impending run could “potentially peak in December 2021, at the high of the channel, suggesting a move as high as $318,000”.

“Time will tell if we end up seeing such lofty levels but the backdrop and the price action we are looking at clearly suggest the potential for a major move higher nonetheless in the next 12-24 months.”

In March, one Bitcoin was worth just over US$4800.

Source: 9news.com.au; cointelegraph.com

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