Crypto Media Space Is Getting Bigger, Its Time For Collaboration Not For Competition

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The Capital

The Capital is the go-to place for content creators and enthusiasts in the business, startups, finance, fintech, and crypto space with more than 100,000 monthly readers and over 3000 people and companies supplying content regularly.

We have worked with over 400 companies in the past year helping with brand awareness, link building, community building, and more through media partnerships, press releases, interviews, project reviews, and ads.
Our publication is currently run through where we are the second fastest-growing crypto and finance publication. Soon, our own website will be available on

The Capital is always open to working with Crypto Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs to meet the same goal.

The Groups and Websites we have collaborated are:

Bitcoin World

Bitcoin World is a Facebook group with 98500+ members. Bitcoin World group was started on 26 November 2016 and in the past 3 years they have reached approx 100k members. The admins and moderators are very active and helpful.

Bitcoin world group founder Mr. Mohit Kumar who is trading in Crypto Space since September 2016 and involved in many big projects like Save Environment Token and also having connections with topmost leaders of Crypto space and fund managers.

The vision behind of group is to acknowledge people about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and also be aware of market updates and share opinions on market trends.

FNet Club (Cyber Flows)

FNet Club – a group of Crypto Fanatics, was started in 2017 by Mary Miller as part of the big FutureNet platform that released its own cryptocurrency FuturoCoin in January 2018 (during this period the fan-page experiences the greatest glory). Later, they focused exclusively on cryptocurrency-related news through their new facebook channel Cyber Flows. Today when we talk about FNet Club as well as Cyber Flows we mean to all the latest crypto and entertainment news on a single platform, currently followed and readed by 20,000 daily visitors.

Bitcoin Investors (WhatsApp Group)

Bitcoin Investors is one of the best Crypto Community on WhatsApp. The group founder Mr. Keshav Aggarwal is a Crypto Enthusiast and been into Crypto Space since 2016. The Bitcoin Investors aim to connect with like-minded peoples and share their real-life experiences.

Mr. Keshav Aggarwal has more than 2000 Linkdlin connections and has personal contacts with more than 3000 crypto enthusiasts.


Founded in Sep. 2018, Bitcoinik is the world’s leading Bitcoin News Source provides all news regarding Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoinik has provided research, analysis, and developments in Digital World. Bitcoinik Always delivered the best quality information for its visitors or followers.

Who Founded Bitcoinik?

Bitcoinik was founded by Naveen Kumar and Harsh Sangwan in September 2018. Bitcoinik thanks to its great community for their great support as always, Bitcoinik will continue to deliver the best services forever.

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