Bitcoin Will Soon Hit $500k, Says Prominent Crypto Analyst

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Max Keiser who once tore dollar notes in a bid to display the value of Bitcoin, is now seen foretelling the price of Bitcoin as $500k in future time. He reached this conclusion on a TV Show, “Keiser Report”, where he said that the US will soon go on a war with Iran and Venezuela over the increasing rise of bitcoin.

Being the giant of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is currently trading at $9,000. As a result, a famous crypto analyst, Max Keiser, says Bitcoin will soon hit $500k.

In a way to further buttress his point, Keiser pointed out that Iran and Venezuela would likely enforce the United States to encourage the world-shatterig cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

The fact is that Iran has control of about 3% of the Bitcoin hash, while Venezuela might likely get up to 3 to 4% of the Bitcoin hash rate.

The crux of the matter is that Venezuela has a high rank on top magazines in conjunction with the declaration of acceptance of payments of bitcoin.

Besides, China at the moment has control over 60% of the world bitcoin hash rate according to findings.

In a long while, Max Keiser has been an advocate of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, he said in a speech he recently gave that Bitcoin is the Mona Lisa of the 21st century.  He opined that Bitcoin signifies the restructuring of free communication.

He further said that Bitcoin is not only about technology, but stands as choice of every person since central bank or any other authority does not have access to it.


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