Bitcoin Whale Transfers Another 47,535 BTC – Second Day in a Row

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  • $423 mln worth of BTC moved by a Bitcoin whale
  • 16,283 BTC sent between OKEx and anonymous wallets

One more massive BTC transfer has taken place, as a cryptocurrency whale moved 47,535 BTC. On Tuesday, a similar amount (47,835 BTC) was transferred.

Meanwhile, just over sixteen thousand Bitcoins have been transferred between anonymous wallets and the OKEx crypto exchange.

BTC whales seem to have become more active since the Bitcoin block reward cut took place on Monday.

$423 mln worth of BTC moved by a Bitcoin whale

The Bitcoin Block Bot has shared details of a mammoth-sized BTC transaction that took place a short while ago.

As per the tweet, a Bitcoin whale has transferred 47,535 BTC, which is $423,394,720. The identities of the parties in both transactions are unknown.

The fee paid for this wire was $1.43, which is nothing compared to the money that banks would charge for a similar cash wire.

As earlier reported by U.Today, on Tuesday, 47,835 BTC was sent by a whale, for a similar transfer fee of just $1.78.

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