Bitcoin Makes Appearance on Another Episode of SHOWTIME’s Hit Series ‘Billions’

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  • Another Bitcoin mining bust 
  • Bitcoin makes its way into hit shows

Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency by market capitalization, was featured in yet another episode of SHOWTIME’s hit TV series ‘Billions.’

Notably, its screenplay was written by ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ author Ben Mezrich who teased the crypto mention last week.

Another Bitcoin mining bust 

The third episode of the fifth season starts with Bobby Axelrod’s son Gordie Axelrod getting himself in a serious Bitcoin predicament.

The offspring of the billionaire hedge fund manager was caught operating a mining farm out of his dormitory, shutting down his school’s power grid.  

This didn’t go unnoticed by the principal who decided to expel Gordie (and his father’s money couldn’t save the day).

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Students mining Bitcoin is not just TV fiction — Stanford University had to warn its dorm residents against using electricity for personal financial gains in 2018. 

Bitcoin makes its way into hit shows

The world’s largest cryptocurrency also snuck its way into the opening episode of the season that touched upon the intrinsic value of the cryptocurrency as opposed to the dollar. 

The suspect behind the illegal Bitcoin mining farm said that greenbacks weren’t backed by anything: 

What’s the Dollar backed by since we went off the Gold Standard?

Bitcoin was also included in a December episode of Emmy-winning hit series “Mr. Robot” that first mentioned the cryptocurrency as early as in 2016. 


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