Bitcoin Inflow into Crypto Exchanges Hits 3 Year Low

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Fewer Bitcoin investors and users are sending their BTC to crypto exchanges. This is according to data from CryptoQuant that highlights that the Bitcoin inflow transaction count of all crypto exchanges has hit a three-year low.

The team at CryptoQuant shared this information via the following tweet with an accompanying chart highlighting the drop in Bitcoin transactions into exchanges.

At the same time, the amount of Bitcoin stored on crypto exchanges has hit a two year low. This fact was highlighted by the team at Unfolded via the following tweet which includes a chart from Glassnode demonstrating the fact.

In an earlier analysis, it was pointed out that prominent CEOs and publicly listed companies such as MicroStrategy are quietly scooping up the Bitcoin in circulation. A drop in the amount of Bitcoin being sent to exchanges and low BTC balances on the same platforms is proof that there is massive accumulation by institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.

As a result, the amount of Bitcoin available for retail traders is bound to continue diminishing by the day and will ultimately result in BTC mooning as demand grows with a reducing supply.

With respect to Bitcoin mooning, earlier today, the King of Crypto pushed hard above the $13,800 and $14k resistance zones to print a 2020 high of $14,105 – Binance rate. However, as soon as this value was reached, the price of Bitcoin fell to the $13,600 price area only to stabilize once again above $13,800.

The quick drop down and subsequent bounce is a clear indicator that buying demand for Bitcoin is at a high level. This means that Bitcoin will most likely close the month of October above $13,600 thus returning BTC back to bullish territory last seen in June 2019.

The current bullishness carries with it greater momentum than that seen in 2019 given the fact that institutional investors are scooping up as much Bitcoin as they can find. Therefore, it might be possible for Bitcoin to attempt $17k or even $20k before the end of the year.


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