You can hardly believe it: Rich Energy returns to Formula 1

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The story of Rich Energy is still not over. William Storey, the CEO of the brand that previously sponsored Haas in Formula 1, now announces a return to the royal class of motorsport.

In early 2019, Haas presented a new sponsor in the form of Rich Energy. The energy drink was their new title sponsor of the American team and the cars were shrouded in the black and gold of that brand. However, Haas was swindled and never saw a penny of the promised mountain of money that Storey would come up with.

Rich Energy back in Formula 1

In recent months, Williams Storey has been making himself heard on his Twitter account. For example, he has already announced that there will be a large announcement on 11 February, which seems to hint at Formula 1.

He confirms this step in a video on 10 January, in which he says he is looking forward to a return to Formula 1. It is not yet known which team is involved and if this team knows it itself. More will be announced today, but the unique story will have a sequel.


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