XRP WIll Power Remittances Between Large Japanese Enterprises

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Ripple has been making headway in the financial sector across the globe. Especially Asia, and more particularly Japan, is a region of great interest.

That situation will only intensify following a new XRP-based remittance solution launching in the country.


Rumor has it that FXcoin is looking to become a part of Ripplenet and leverage the potential of XRP.

This marks the first major remittance operation run by the company in its home country. 

Fxcoin has high hopes for this new venture, as they will expand its capabilities if and when the time is right.

How all of this will be achieved exactly, remains to be determined.

By targeting large enterprises in Japan with this new remittance solution, the company is taking a gamble.

That being said, it is also a market that can benefit from additional competition and cheaper transfer rates.

Given how Ripplenet is already of great interest to various financial institutions across Japan already, the potential is rather big.

However, there are still some questions as to whether Ripplenet and XRP can be utilized on a large scale.

Experiments like these will offer valuable feedback and evidence to determine which possibilities should be explored moving forward.

source: themerkle.com

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