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With the Formula 1 season set to resume in a few weeks time, Toto Wolff believes that the duel between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc at Ferrari could generate a few sparks.

Ferrari has decided that Sebastian Vettel won’t be staying next season. At the end of his contract, the German will not be staying on and will see Carlos Sainz Jr. take his place in 2021.

There are now just a few races left for the four-time world champion to shine at the wheel of his Ferrari.

After a failed 2019 season, Vettel could be keen to get back into the limelight after being eclipsed by Charles Leclerc. The Scuderia could therefore be the scene of a spectacular battle between the two drivers. The Mercedes side of the field has certainly realised this.

In comments reported by NextGen Auto, Toto Wolff talked about the fight that could take place between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in his last year with Ferrari.

The Mercedes boss explained:

“It will certainly be more interesting to follow at Ferrari. I’m certain that Seb (Vettel) won’t be giving Charles (Leclerc) any gifts for his last season in red.

“He’ll want to leave in style. Like at the start of the season, I think they’ll have the same opportunities at the beginning of the season.”

Certainly Ferrari will be the team to watch come Austria in a couple of weeks time. Already team boss Binotto has played down their chances of decent speed saying “I don’t expect us to have the fastest car in Austria.” 

Should that indeed be the case and both Ferrari’s start away from the front row after qualifying, we’ll no doubt see an interesting battle between Leclerc and Vettel at a circuit notorious for teammates clashing, Mercedes Hamilton and Rosberg being a case in point.

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