Wolff is angry because rivals want to get tires from 2018

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Boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff is angry at the rival teams that wants to return tires from 2018 and said Pirelli is on target for ”opportunistic lobbying” to cope with Mercedes’s dominant start of the F1 season of 2019.

This year, Pirelli introduced tires with a thinner tread that were used on three races of the previous year, to prevent overheating and creating blistering. Many believe that this was done at the initiative of Mercedes, and their main rivals Red Bull and Ferrari were particularly critical of Pirelli tires this season.

During the Canadian GP, the German AMuS reported that the Ferrari Red Bull team is leading a group of teams that are trying to return last year’s tires as soon as possible, and these two teams think that the introduction of a tire with a thinner tread has had a major impact on the balance of forces on the fuel .


Mercedes has won all six races this season, and this weekend is the motorsport advisor Red Bull Helmut Marko harshly criticized Mercedes and Pirelli:

“Changes were made after the Mercedes request because they always had problems with overheating. This is how the sport is destroyed. Mercedes currently has a great advantage due to a stupid tire change. Nine teams are struggling with tires and only one knows how to profit from it, “ said Marko.

In response to these comments, Red Bull head Horner told to Sky F1 that it would be best if Pirelli returns to last year’s tires. But such a move should support 7 out of 10 teams. Another option is that the FIA will change tires for safety reasons.

When asked about Marko’s comments and tire changes in the middle of the season, the head of Mercedes called it ”opportunist actionism”.

“Every year we get new tires from Pirelli. Sometimes you manage to understand them, sometimes you become more tormented. But as fair competitors, we need to do the best with what we have, unless it becomes a security problem, as we have had in the past. “

“Pirelli has an impossible task, we tell them to give us tires that are degraded so that the strategies become more exciting. When we have tires that are consumed, we look for tires that last longer. “

The Mercedes boss is angry at lobbying his rivals to change tires and says Mercedes will protect and support Pirelli.

“I think we need to protect and support Pirelli in their quest to give us tires that, I hope, will suit everyone. We do it and we do not allow ourselves to interfere with voices that are not important. “

Several teams have complained that it is difficult to warm Pirelli tires and bring them to a working range. Mercedes’s rivals argue that the German team was previously struggled with overheating and that the tire specification changed the tire’s advantage, while damaging other teams that developed the car to be more gentle towards the tires.

Red Bull’s boss Christian Horner admits Mercedes’s rivals have to do a better job with the tires, but says it would be best to go back to last year’s tires.

“It’s up to us to try to make up for it. It would be best if you came back to last year’s tires. Nine teams would be pretty happy and one would be pretty unhappy. In the interest of fun and F1, that would be a noble move by Pirelli. “

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