Will blockchain be effective in copyright protection?

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Blockchain is one of the most dynamically developing technologies that contribute the improvement of work, i.e. large IT companies. Latest reports from China say this technology will be also used to protect copyright infringements which are common problem primarily in copying content issue.

In order to grant copyright to work, you do not have to register it or place an appropriate note. It is provided to every natural person who became the creator of the work and his name is contained on the published copy of the work. In case of absence of specific data the copyright is vested to a producer or a publisher.

Nowadays content copying is an enormous problem – wide access to materials on all topics discourages from creating things from scratch. It is much easier to be „inspired” by someone else’s work and sign it by your name. The grouping against copyright infringements that originated in 2015 in Beijing focused mainly on financial and economic portals. Many financial media which oppose the duplication of works have joined the organization and seek to protect their copyright.

The alliance uses blockchain technology and public key encryption, which authenticate and protect copyrights of created works. In a short time, media will be able to include identifiers in their work that will allow locating and verifying copied articles. The only condition is duplication of content at 70%.

Placing content on blockchain may ensure full automatization and security for all distribution process, i.e. increase protection against hacking, block downloading of unauthorized content, transfer of content only to users which payed for a service. In the future blockchain technology may enable creation of a platform for selling and buying intellectual property. This will be a combination of a copyrighted book and a platform for conducting transactions. The most popular sales object is of course music.

Products based on blockchain technology will be transformed into another organizations by Microsoft company. There will probably be two documents created to check user’s data and create the digital identity of customers. Products will be created on basis of a decentralized identity, i.e. unique ID generated by a user, based on decentralized system. It is distinguished by a high level of immutability, robustness on data manipulation and censorship. These are the most important features of an identification system that ensures ownership rights and proper user control.

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