Will Albon and Gasly again trade places this year?

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Mid last season, the Frenchman found himself under intense pressure as he struggled alongside Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing.

He was demoted to Alpha Tauri, but now it is his replacement – Alex Albon – who is really struggling for confidence and pace at the senior team.

“My goal is to go fast and get results. I want to fight for the podium,” said Gasly, after qualifying seventh at Silverstone.

“Red Bull? It is not up to me to decide,” he told Sky Italia when asked about the possibility of becoming Verstappen’s teammate again.

“But I am working to seize the opportunity.”

Gasly, 24, admits that he is currently thriving at Alpha Tauri.

“But obviously my goal as a driver is to fight for the podium and victories. I did it in the other categories and I want to do it again.

“I have to push and get results and seize the opportunities that come.

“Obviously it’s not up to me to make the decision – it’s the executives who evaluate the performance. Then there is the politics, which I don’t want to spend too much attention on.

“But I do believe that by always pushing, opportunities will come. I want to show my potential every weekend,” Gasly added.

As for the health of F1’s 2020 season overall, the Frenchman commented: “Mercedes are one step ahead of the rest, but I think there is still room to improve the cars. We always want to go faster.”

Source: gpfans.com; grandpx.news; gpblog.com

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