Why Whats App is a Better Option Than Telegram for the Crypto Community

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As times pass by, things are started to change in the crypto industry so the preference too, in a recent Poll we had to ask the people “What would you rather prefer Telegram or Whats App for engaging with Crypto Community”?

70% of people said they would love to use Whats App over Telegram as a preference to engage with Crypto Community. Well well well, we are not saying anything is better than other, but the question is that why 70% of people want to get over the Whats App over the Telegram?

So we ask the same questions from them, let’s see what they reply!

  • Whats App is more convenient as it is the thing they use daily to engage with their friends and family, so for engagement for crypto also, better to use WhatsApp.
  • Whatsapp is more personal than Telegram, so to understand people better WhatsApp is best.
  • Limited contracts are good, they can help to make business relation more relevant and more personal.
  • Quality over Quantity, we get more quality stuff over WhatsApp as compared with Telegram.

As we all know and realize that upcoming marketing strategies are moreover engagement not related to gathering bulk audience, so if you are thinking for quantity go to the Telegram, but if you are thinking about quality then Whats App will be the First Preference, in this reference. There is an Indian Community name Bitcoin Investor Group which is the one of the best community over the Whats App, running for last 3 years without break. We take the interview of their Founder Mr. Keshav Aggarwal asking them the same question, “Why do you think that which platform is better for crypto engagement Whatsapp Or Telegram”?

“Well I am a firm believer of making personal connect not because I like that because that’s my nature either in Crypto or Non-crypto, well I use both platforms Whats App and Telegram, but whenever I open my Telegram, I seriously don’t feel any connect, feels like I am at a platform where people only have one objective that is to Sell, but when I started a community over a Whats App, we only have one objective that to educate people. Times goes by and we grew day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. So whatever people get comfortable with they have to use the same, the ultimate goal is to provide information, but we believe in Real Enjoyment.”

All the above information is truly based on personal views, its not related to promotional activity.

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