What is My Crypto Consult?

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My Crypto Consult (https://mycryptoconsult.io/) is the leading cryptocurrency marketing company for the GlamJet Foundation – The Next Generation All-in-One dApp Platform!

What is GlamJet?

GlamJet is a Cryptonized Global Luxury Ecosystem for everyone worldwide that keys into various global trends: growth of computing power, accessibility of goods and services, the rise of e-commerce, rapidly growing luxury goods market, new peer-to-peer payment methods, disintermediation and last but not least, quicker, cheaper and more secure transacting through the blockchain technology.

Our mission is to create the world’s first global luxury ecosystem that integrates double-chain based Escrow Services, an attractive referral program, an MT4 and Face-to-Face Exchange as well as an own Wallet system. Our mission is to create an all-in-one solution that provides security and transparency to all participants.

Just as internet, emails, e-commerce and smartphones have transformed our lives, we believe blockchain as an infrastructure technology will significantly impact all industries, ranging from finance, trading to manufacturing, healthcare, and utilities. A new decentralized block-chain based economy is already being deployed across industries, across processes and across the globe.

The Revolutionizing Power of Blockchain Technology!

During the past decade, the internet has enabled people to share and transfer information, and blockchain technology will enable people to share and transfer value.
This will empower businesses to change how physical goods of value will be transferred and monitored online.
The decentralized nature of blockchain makes fraud virtually impossible; therefore, for tracing and tracking diamonds, art, wines, cars, yachts, and other goods supplies and trades, adopting blockchain will become essential.
A new trading, transaction and owning ecosystem will become possible in the foreseeable future.

Something special is that since now our FuturoCoin has been integrated as a payment method on My Crypto Consult!

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