What is HedgeTrade Cryptocurrency and HEDG Coin

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HedgeTrade is a blockchain-driven financial forecasting and social trading platform where crypto investors are allowed to trade and at the same time share their knowledge and experiences. It is an Ethereum based blockchain launched in the last quarter of 2018 with a major purpose of rendering educational contents, trading insights, and analysis to its users.

Crypto traders are allowed to post their predictions into a smart contract on the HedgeTrade platform. These smart contracts are powered by blueprints that can be purchased by users or unlocked before accessing. When a trader makes correct prediction, he gets rewarded and if otherwise, such trader gets a refund.

HedgeTrade (HEDG) Token

The HEDG token (HEDG) is the native token coin of the HedgeTrade Network. It is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token for interacting with the HedgeTrade platform. It can be earned as a reward for making a correct prediction or purchase.

Where and How to Buy HedgeTrade (HEDG) Coin

HEDG tokens are yet to be available for exchange operations or direct purchases on the HedgeTrade platform, however, the cryptocurrency can be bought via two methods.

The first method is to make a BTC deposit into a user account wallet, and then proceed to purchase HedgeTrade Blueprints using the deposited funds. The other method is to acquire HEDG token from cryptocurrency exchanges that support it like:








Livecoin, and

ProBit Exchange

Where and How to store HedgeTrade (HEDG) Coin

Ethereum based token such as HEDG token could be stored on varieties of wallets ranging from the hardware to the software wallets.

An encrypted hardware wallet is one of the best places to store HedgeTrade (HEDG). Even if the wallet got stolen or damaged, the hardware wallet allows user to recover their funds through a mnemonic seed phrase. Also, the hardware wallet adopts extremely high-end encryption techniques to keep funds secure and safe.

Trezor and Ledger are examples of Hardware wallets where HedgeTrade (HEDG) can be stored securely and offline.

Other wallets where HEDG coin can be stored securely include Trust wallet, Atomic wallet, and MyEtherWallet.

Key features of HedgeTrade (HEDG)

HEDG has Several scintillating features to offer its users, here are few of its features

Blueprint Staking Mechanism

The HedgeTrade platform integrates blockchain technology directly into its functionality by allowing crypto traders to make predictions using a smart contract-driven blueprint that will generate a true or false result based on details from the real market.

One major advantage of the blueprint staking mechanism is that it contains the user’s personalized prediction details in the form of a smart contract.


Proof-of-rank algorithm is a proprietary multi variable set of formulas that ranks traders on the HedgeTrade platform. Its immutable ledger incorporates with HEDG proprietary algorithm to track and understand each blueprint creator’s record before carrying out the ranking.

Proof-of-rank carries out its assessment by considering factors such as Birth of account, Viewership, Streak, Number of successful Blueprints, Unique contributors, Account age of contributors, and amount of HEDG earned.


An Oracle, on the HedgeTrade platform, is an agent that finds, validates, and submits market information to the blockchain and it is to be implemented by the platform’s smart contract. The primary role of an oracle is to securely and accurately supply values to the HEDG smart contract and as well maintain verifiable proof of integrity.

Decentralized Dispute Resolution

The Decentralized Dispute Resolution process is designed to motivate truthful action. This feature allows users to have a say whenever there is a dispute. Users can stake HEDG to cast votes either in support or against a particular blueprint.

Benefits of HedgeTrade (HEDG) Cryptocurrency

Value Creation: HEDG allows both professional and novice traders to carry out trading activities on its platform, thereby adding value to them as it allows the novice traders to emulate and learn from the reputations built by professional traders.

Concentrated and Growing Market structure: The HedgeTrade market though is still small in size, it is growing rapidly and very concentrated with all focus on digital asset traders.

Regulatory risks: HEDG, unlike other digital assets, can undergo more scrutiny, due to its direct involvement in predicting and trading in the digital asset market.

Technology/blockchain platform: HEDG is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain this makes it both technologically sound and at the same time a blockchain platform.

Lead time advantage: Although social trading platforms and prediction markets have been in existence for a while, HedgeTrade’s innovation stands out and supersedes all the pre-existing ones. Therefore, it has some lead time advantage for its uncommon innovations.

Outstanding Entrepreneurial Team: The members that constitute the HEDG development team has traceable success record in the technology and cryptocurrency industry.

Value-added Reward: Traders get HEDG token as a reward for each successful prediction made, this adds values as it encourages the traders to share their trading insights with others.

History of HedgeTrade (HEDG) Cryptocurrency

The launching of Bitcoin as the pioneer coin marks the beginning of asset digitalization worldwide, Hedge Trade blockchain technology accord traders the privilege to enter predictive contracts without employing the service of a broker to manage the trade.

This gives rise to the introduction of prediction markets on the blockchain technology. The prediction markets have quality capacities to efficiently combine all accessible data that are pertinent to the outcome of an event and at the same time recording huge profit to be shared by both the platform and the traders.

HedgeTrade was launched in the close of 2018 with the motive to champion the social trading revolution with the help of blockchain technology. HedgeTrade network recorded an upsurge before the end of 2019 as it ranked among the first 50 cryptos in August 2019, this was propelled by the introduction of the HedgeTrade decentralized application (dAPP).

The app was developed to supply cryptocurrency trading analyses, bonuses, and predictions to crypto traders. It was aimed at bridging the gaps between experienced and novice traders in the crypto community. The knowledge acquired in this manner is enough to make a new user engage in crypto trading like a professional, particularly with the help of the tools provided by HedgeTrade.

The HedgeTrade network collaborated with the Rublix Company to make the token sale for the project in late 2018. Rublix Company offers financial technology products paired with the blockchain implementation.

HedgeTrade Trading History

In a bid to allow its users to obtain quality market prediction in the cryptocurrency industry, the HedgeTrade trade network has remained in the heart of the blockchain-powered system. HEDG after its launch had traded on 12 active markets and it’s been listed on 8 different exchanges. It currently holds a market cap of $ 545,632,253 which ranks #26 among other crypto assets. HEDG has a circulating supply of 288,202,179 HEDG, and it is estimated that HEDG will reach a maximum supply off 999,993,381 HEDG.

HedgeTrade Team

The HedgeTrade headquarters are based in Singapore, with team members extending into North America and Europe. Development on the HedgeTrade platform began since 2017 and its operations are currently supported by 25 full-time employees. More team information can be

found on the HedgeTrade website.

The HedgeTrade network has its based in Singapore and has extended to North America and Europe, the network currently employs the service of 25 full-time employees.

Key personnel behind the development of the Singapore-based blockchain forecasting platform include:

Dave Waslen (CEO, co-founder)

Peter Danihel (lead developer, co-founder)

Frank Danihel (COO).

HedgeTrade Roadmap

Phase 1: The HedgeTrade platform was divided into several milestone release versions.

Phase 2: The first release was the HedgeTrade Alpha, which contains all necessary functionality congruent to the network’s blueprint staking model.

Phase 3: HedgeTrade Beta will be released to make private invites only and it will allow for user feedback to ensure public participation.

Phase 4: HedgeTrade V1 will be an improved version of the Beta version with a more improved UX and UI features.

Phase 5: HedgeTrade V2 will be released with an integrated proprietary proof-of-rank technology accompanied by an upgraded blueprint resolution mechanism and referral system.

Phase 6: HedgeTrade V3 will feature the Decentralized Dispute Resolution process with additional staking models, this will make all blueprint purchasers and creators entitled to an increased payout using a tiered system depending on the HEDG in their wallet.

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