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Voucher codes allow users to purchase products on the FutureNet platform.

Vouchers of FutureNet can be used only to purchase a product package on another FutureNet account or to be used on the AdPro platform from any another account. FutureNet Voucher also can be used to buy matrix, but the value of the voucher need to be the same as value of the matrix.

Minimum value of code is $10 and the payment of the code is available via cryptocurrencies, payment processors and payment from the FutureNet account List of available top-up codes (Vouchers) generated from the user account.

In that case you will have to make sure that your voucher was used by checking if it’s valid on https://futurenet.club/business/qualification/codes. If the site confirms that the voucher was already used, but the bought product hasn’t been added to your FutureNet/FutureAdPro account – report this to our support team.

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