What is FNtalk?

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FNtalk messenger is dedicated to the social media platform FutureNet, where you can now contact all users in your network freely.

FNtalk has many functionalities. Share all your emotions and thoughts, but most of all feel safe! You can talk in private – make a secret chat and be totally free in your communication! The FNtalk doesn’t follow your messages and neither records your calls.

Key features:

  • convenient and secure notifications – you decide how the system of notifications shall work and don’t worry anymore – nobody will see your private message on a screen of your phone but in the same time, you will know you got some news
  • unlimited groups – make them, manage them, make them exactly how you like!
  • safe conversations – talk your business freely, this messenger will keep all your secrets. Your data is safe!
  • all important contacts in one place – find all needed people, even if they’re not in your network. It’s easy to make new friends!
  • Stay tuned because there’s more coming! We will launch new functionalities soon!

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Download FNTALK for free:

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