What are the options for Verstappen?

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The news about Honda‘s departure from Formula 1 came as a big surprise to many. Especially now that the Japanese engine supplier has invested so much in the cooperation with Red Bull. However, the most frequently asked question is: what will this mean for Max Verstappen?

Barretto thinks that Verstappen will wait for Red Bull’s plans, but will certainly consider his options. There are not many other options than Red Bull Racing for Verstappen, the journalist thinks. “Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are tied in at Ferrari until the end of 2024 and 2022 respectively. Lewis Hamilton looks set to sign a fresh deal with Mercedes, that will likely keep him at the team until at least the end of 2022.”

Yet you never know in Formula 1, Barretto thinks. “Then again, we have seen recently that contracts can be terminated early, with Racing Point doing just that with Sergio Perez, so a merry-go-round of F1’s biggest names is not impossible. Either way, these are interesting times for one of F1’s most highly-rated young stars.”, he concludes.

Source: gpblog.com; gpfans.com

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