Welcome To Your Customized Travel Portal

In collaboration with the founder of Trivago and WorldVentures, a unique travel platform has emerged. FutureNet Travel saves up to 70% and YOU also get travel vouchers every month.

There you can find a lot of COOL EXAMPLES and SAVE up to 71% compared to regular prices. It is important to understand that we have the SAME Hotels as other online sites, but… the FutureNet Prices are up to 71% cheaper!

How can you use the FutureNet Travel services? It is very simple. If you have MEDIA POINTS, you can create Travel Vouchers. Here comes the best part: for each FND in Media Points, you can create 2$ in Travel Vouchers. You can use some or all your Media Points, which includes your previous ones and/or new ones.

How does it work?

Exchange Your Media Points for Travel Vouchers

As a FutureNet Customer, you can exchange your Media Points for Travel Voucher to reduce the cost of hotel accommodation or cost of car rental.

Plan your trip with comfort

Wherever you are or want to be during your travel, we want to make it easy as a click. Choose your favourite hotel, book car booking system – all in one place, comfortable to use.

Compare 2 prices: public and special, prepared for you

Then, you will see two prices – the regular one and the reduced one after using the Travel Voucher. You can save up to 70% on your business trip!


FutureNet Travel FAQ:

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