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Network Marketing Strategist with more than 30 years of professional experience in business development and leadership training in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia. Has built one of the largest Network Marketing organizations worldwide, with proven results.

American Greek, businessman, a person from middle class with big dreams, with the desire to inspire and motivate other people.
​Mastering his language in Greek, Spanish, English, Italian and French, has allowed him to cross borders and prospect, motivate to know, train and motivate millions of people live and through social networks.
​Universities and television channels from several countries have awarded him recognition for his innate service work. People on your team recognize you as the mentor to achieve your goals, has helped thousands of people improve and strengthen their personal and leadership skills with their specialized mentoring training programs; as it was his dream, since 1986 when he left his native country of Greece, to emigrate to the United States and become a millionaire who changes lives.

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