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The worst-case scenario for VfB Stuttgart came true. Next season, the team from the Mercedes Arena in Stuttgart will not play in the best league in Germany. It’s all because of the loss in German Bundesliga relegation playoff against Union Berlin.

After the 2016/2017 season, players of VfB Stuttgart had great reason to joy as they won the promotion from 2nd to 1st Bundesliga in Germany. Eventually, it turned out that VfB’s spell in the national top league lasted only 2 years. It was a very difficult, bitter season for this team and has just been finished with a repeat of relegation to the lower league.

After the first game of this playoff series, it was obvious that Union Berlin secured itself a huge piece of comfort before the revenge. In Stuttgart, Berliners scored 2 goals and in football, goals taken away count twice as that. That’s why Union Berlin needed just a goalless draw to win this series and be promoted to the top Bundesliga.

In Berlin, VfB Stuttgart was the dominating side on the pitch. The Stuttgarters were more active, more focused on offensive efforts. It was very close once for VfB to take the lead. In the 9th minute, Dennis Aogo beat Rafal Gikiewicz, goalie of Union but the referee decided to cancel it basing on VAR analysis which proved that Nicolas Gonzalesfrom VfB was on an offside position in this situation. VfB was dominating. The team of coach Nico Willig had the ball for 61% of the game time, and also took 16 shots (from which 7 were accurate) on Union’s goal. All for nothing.

Players from Berlin had just one goal: to not to lose any goal and to deliver the goalless draw until the final minute. During the game, Union took just one accurate shot on VfB’s goal! It’s the best example of how the Berliners were focused to defend their own pitch. And it’s worth to mention that Union proved it once again – after a good season – that it has great defensive skills. VfB Stuttgart just couldn’t manage to crush the Union’ wall. Eventually, the game ended with a draw 0:0. Heaven for Union Berlin, 2. Bundesliga for VfB Stuttgart…

It was a very hard season for The Stuttgarters. This team had 3 coaches, has struggled to jump far away from the relegation zone. Eventually, under the management of interim coach Nico Willig VfB confirmed its place in the relegation zone. But eventually, it turned out that it just was not enough. That’s why in season 2019/2020, VfB Stuttgart will have to play in the backyard of 1st Bundesliga in Germany.

Game 2 of Bundesliga relegation playoff, Union Berlin – VfB Stuttgart 0:0. Aggregate score: 2:2.

Union Berlin, thanks to goals scored in an away game, won the promotion to the German 1st Bundesliga, VfB Stuttgart relegated.

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