Verstappen: Which is the meaning of F1 if situations like these are not allowed!?

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Max Verstappen says that the drivers should stay at home if he is punished for his maneuver over Charles Leclerc, who ultimately brought him victory over the Austrians.

Verstappen caught up and down Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc 2 rounds to the end, but two of them collided during the Dutchman’s maneuver. This incident was under investigation.

“This is a cruel competition, otherwise we can stay at home. If these things are not allowed in racing, then what’s the meaning of Formula 1?” – Verstappen said after the race.

Leclerc led from the pole position and controlled the events in most races, while Verstappen had a very bad start and dropped to ninth place in the first round. He suggests that the move was not fair because the circle of the former Verstappen left more space.

“I was on the outside as a circuit earlier. The circuit earlier was completely okay, left space, one width of the car off the bend but did not do it in the next round. I had to go out of the way and could not get it back.

At the end Max Verstappen keept his victory after being investigated for the incident with Charles Leclerc.

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