Verstappen: ”Not the approach to ever leave Red Bull Racing’

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Max Verstappen extended his contract during the winter break for several more years, which means that Verstappen is tied up with Red Bull Racing until 2023. The Dutchman therefore has no intention to leave.

Although there are always wild rumours about the future of Verstappen, he usually remains relaxed himself. The contract with Red Bull has already been renewed several times, despite alleged interest from competitors Mercedes and Ferrari. For Verstappen himself, however, his future in F1 is already fixed.

Verstappen long in F1

In an interview on Instagram with Radio 538-DJ Wietze de Jager, Verstappen is asked whether he will stay with Red Bull. ”Yes. I will stay with Red Bull and it’s not really the intention to ever leave,” Verstappen says. Whether the Dutchman refers to a collaboration until the end of his career, seems unreal for the time being.

Verstappen still has a long career ahead of him and despite the fact that he has already had five seasons in the sport, he thinks many more will follow. ”If I continue to take good care of myself physically I’ll be able to keep driving in Formula 1 until I’m forty”, concludes Verstappen, who could then reach a total of 24 seasons in F1.


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