Verstappen: ”Mercedes is very satisfied with these rules”

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Max Verstappen says that too many of the policy and personal interests of the teams put F1 in a standstill situation. The Dutchman thinks that there should be only one leader in sport, while Mercedes is the one who best suits these rules.

F1 is still looking for a consensus on finalizing the regulations for 2021, and at a recent meeting in Paris, the FIA and the teams did not find a common ‘language’ and agreed that they needed more time. The period for publishing the rule is extended by the end of October.

Verstappen believes that the decision-making process would be much quicker for the teams to have less authorization in the discussions, while the regulations themselves would go through significant and better changes with less contributions from the team.

“You know what it is, everyone speaks for themselves.”

“Mercedes is, of course, very satisfied with these rules. In their opinion, a little bit need to be changed, “ says Red Bull driver.

“Teams that are not currently doing so well, of course want different rules – but, then, they may have a lesser word in this. If you have a Ferrari engine as a buyer, you are with Ferrari, and if you are a Mercedes buyer, then you are with Mercedes. “

“There are so many policies in the background. There should be only one person in the FOM or FIA who says: OK guys, that’s it. “

This 21-year-old driver adds that one team will always work better than others with the rules.

“One team will always work better with rules than others. In the end, I think it’s better to keep the rules for a longer period because then everything comes together. At some point, you just have to say: these are the rules and we will adhere to them for the next ten years – and after five or six years you will see that everyone will be very close together. “

“Also, I think if we left the rules last year, with the front wings and with all that, now everyone would be close together.”

The Dutchman believes that tires and downforce are the main areas that require significant reform in Formula 1.

“The big problem we have as drivers is that we can not press when we find ourselves behind someone, because the tires are overheating and you can not follow each other, because it gets too weak downforce,” he explains.

“In the end, these are the most important things that we have to do to make it better for the audience. It’s just that on certain paths you go a second slower than you can actually go and no one will pass you because you just can not follow each other, “ said Max Verstappen.

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