Verstappen makes another victim: “Has broken his trust”.

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Max Verstappen performs very well at Red Bull, which previously Pierre Gasly cost him his head for that reason and is now possibly at the expense of Alexander Albon. Martin Brundle sees a broken second driver at Red Bull.

Albon had a reasonable qualifying session on Saturday with a fifth place over half a second from his team mate Verstappen. However, things went wrong for Albon during the race. The Brit got away badly at the start and from then on things went from bad to worse, Brundle also sees in his column for Sky Sports

Max’s brilliance has broken the confidence of another team-mate in Alex Albon who had a shocker really, no other word for it. Locked brakes, flat-spotted tyres, pulling back onto the racing line despite not being fully past Daniil Kvyat’s AlphaTauri, penalty points on his licence and a time penalty in the race. Complaining on the radio that the AlphaTauris were racing him so hard. Then an apparent water leak retiring his car“.

Albon received a lot of criticism from Formula 1 followers after the race, certainly with his remark that everyone (especially Gasly) would race too hard against him. It remains to be seen whether Albon will sit next year next year next to Max Verstappen, although Helmut Marko has indicated that he has it in his own hands.


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