Verstappen lashes out: ‘If they know what they are doing, it can be useful’.

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Verstappen spun his RB16 during the free practice in Bahrain. The Dutchman was obliged to test the new Pirelli tire and had to complete six laps on tires that were immediately worn out. Initially, the Red Bell driver was a bit milder in his criticism of Pirelli. Later in the day he doesn’t have a good word for it anyway.

Verstappen changes his mind

While other drivers immediately attacked the Italian rubber supplier, Verstappen was initially even milder. According to Verstappen, the tests are all about trying tires that are not quite right yet.

In conversation with Olav Mol at Ziggo Sport, the nine-time race winner became a bit more critical. When asked, Verstappen says they don’t find it very useful to drive on tires like these: “If they know what they are doing, then it’s useful yes”.

Pirelli does a bad job

Mol completes the train of thought and states that Verstappen implies that Pirelli does not know what they are doing. Verstappen: “Well, we still have 2018 tires this year. Of course that does mean that it’s not normal.

“Every time they make new tires they are slower”, the driver continues. “There was no balance at all in that tire. There wasn’t any balance in this tire either, so that’s pretty bad yeah”.


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