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Max Verstappen says he never considered Sebastian Vettel a wizard even though the German was statistically one of the most successful Formula One drivers in her history and four titles. Red Bull’s star says that Vettel’s defeat from Ricciardo 2014 and Leclerc’s problems prove his thinking.

Vettel won four consecutive drivers’ titles with Red Bull from 2010 to 2013 when the Austrian team dominated Formula 1, but the introduction of hybrid drives in 2014 opened the way for Mercedes’s domination.

In the first season of the hybrid era, Ricciardo defeated Vettel in the final placement of the driver, after which the German went to Ferrari, where he had fought for the title for Lewis Hamilton for the previous two years, but remained both short on both occasions.

“I’ve always considered Vettel a good driver, otherwise he would not have won four titles. However, I never thought it was a wizard-part because Daniel Ricciardo managed to defeat him in Red Bull, and now there is a confirmation of that with Leclerc, which also makes it very difficult for him.” – Verstappen said.

Verstappen is considered a future champion and a driver who could dominate Formula 1, but it seems to have great competition in Charles Leclerc. The Dutchman would have no objection to being a teammate with him.

“If ever there is a chance for Leclerc and I to be teammates, I would accept that challenge. This also applies to Hamilton, who has already won five titles, but I do not care about that.” – Verstappen said.

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