Verstappen defends Marko after criticism

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Max Verstappen defended Helmut Marko. The Red Bull Racing advisor is often accused of being too hard and direct against his young drivers, but in Verstappen’s view, this should not be seen as a bad thing. Like Marko, Alexander Albon’s teammate is honest and very direct in his words during press moments.

It’s often said that Marko is very hard on drivers. I think he is very realistic“, Verstappen gives his opinion in conversation with De Telegraaf“If you drive badly, that’s just the way it is. And if it’s good, then it’s good too. He (Marko) is straightforward and always asks very direct questions.”

As far as that’s concerned, Verstappen and Marko have a lot in common. Both men say what they stand for, even if that might have negative consequences. “My dad always says, “You just have to be honest, even if you’ve done badly. You shouldn’t talk about it, people never like that. I always try to be myself“, the eight-time Grand Prix winner gives more explanation.

The Red Bull driver is doing everything in his power to become world champion in the pinnacle of motorsport, but it’s not true that Verstappen doesn’t have a single day off from February until the beginning of December. “When I’m not on the track, it’s sometimes not about Formula 1 for a few days. You have to be able to separate things“, he says. “I have good people around me who can help or advise me, if necessary”.


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