Verstappen about Hamilton’s corona infection

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Max Verstappen thinks Lewis Hamilton cannot do much about his corona infection. The Red Bull Racing driver attributes the absence of the current world champion to bad luck. Furthermore, Verstappen states that he hasn’t yet put second place in the World Championship completely out of his mind, although he says he will need a portion right away for the next two weekends.

“No, that doesn’t matter to me at all“, says Verstappen in a press moment of Red Bull with the Dutch media about the fact that there is suddenly another driver in Mercedes’ W11 this weekend.

Bad luck’ according to Verstappen

It is particularly important to the Limburger that Hamilton will be able to return to health in the near future. “The most important thing is that Lewis feels well and has no symptoms. I think it’s pure bad luck. Jonathan Wheatley has tested positive in our team and I think that he was the safest person to handle all protocols. It shows again that it’s just very unlucky, that you can get it just like that. Bad luck…”

With two Grands Prix to go, the difference with the number two Valtteri Bottas in the World Cup is only twelve points. That the difference is so small, is remarkable. Verstappen already failed four times in 2020. “It is possible, but I need luck. Those retirements are a shame. Otherwise it would have been fairly easy to finish in the World Cup above Bottas”.

Max about lack of horsepower

Despite the absence of his biggest rival Hamilton, it remains to be seen whether Red Bull will be able to compete at the front. The lap over the Outer Loop of the Sakhir Circuit mainly requires a lot of engine power. The layout may not be to the advantage of the Austrians, but Verstappen can understand Liberty Media’s choice to ride on a different track during the second Grand Prix in Bahrain.

I understand that they want something different. After Silverstone we had seen it there twice. Then we should have built a better car with more power. Let’s hope it won’t be a repeat of the Monza race. Then we wouldn’t have had to go there”, concludes Verstappen.


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