Urban Coffee Marathon est. 2013

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The largest cycle of urban coffee festivals in Europe. The event is meant for you experience the craftsmanship and creativity of the local baristas.


What we do it is not only about what we drink. It is also about the culture and the people that drive coffee culture forward. The people who love celebrating moments with friends and family in restaurants, cafes, and bars. It’s about the baristas and owners of establishments all around the city that are hosts to the centres of the community. It is about creating connections between coffee enthusiasts who appreciate it done right.


We create festivals motivated by the idea of building a community based on innovative and creative ideas. We want to create events for baristas, cafes, roasteries in direct cooperation with those who created them. What we can do together is what makes it all worth it. Our festivals are a means to realize common values, not an end in itself. We are a platform dedicated to the development of gastronomy and the raw talent that fills the industry.

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