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With just 4 series of games before the end of the season in the Dutch Eerste Divisie, FC Den Bosch must fight harder and harder to keep the place in the playoff phase. The defeat in the game against Almere City broke the plans of the team from Den Bosch and allowed its rivals to make up for the losses.

It was an unlucky match for FC Den Bosch. From the first minute, both teams played very intensely, looking for opportunities to score a goal. After 30 minutes, it was finally successful and the result of the match was opened by Evmorfidis from Almere City. In the 37th minute the situation of FC Den Bosch got even more difficult: Nicolas Romatscored the own goal and his team was losing 0:2.

In the second half, FC Den Bosch managed to reduce its loss and quickly return to the right path when Sven Blummel scored the contact goal in the 55th minute. This added motivation to our team to fight and restored faith in victory. FC Den Bosch began to attack more bravely, and in the 80th minute was close to tie the game. Unfortunately, Danny Holla’s shot only hit the crossbar.

In the 83rd minute it was all over. Bensabouh scored the third goal for Almere City, and a few moments later Romat was thrown away from the pitch with a red card and FC Den Bosch lost the chance of getting even a tie in this match.

The defeat with Almere City delivered additional trouble. Due to it, FC Den Bosch fell down from 4th to 5th place in the table and now has the same number of points (56) as Almere City. With just 4 series of games left to go in this season, it’s now obvious – the battle for the 5th place, the last which guarantees the right to play in the play-off round, will be outstanding!Almere City – FC Den Bosch 3:1 (2:0)Goal for FC Den Bosch:Blummel (55.).

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