Unconfirmed Report: Binance Crypto Exchange Under Attack

Published by Cyber Flows on

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is reportedly under attack. According to a report from Coinness, the Co-founder and CMO of the exchange, Yi He, notified about the attacks in a WeChat group.

On social media, a recent mailer from the exchange sent in Chinese text has had users suspect a phishing attempt. Nevertheless, the customer help desk of the exchange confirmed that.

It’s a satisfaction survey questionnaire for the professional version trading interface.

Apart from that, there has not been any other confirmations or reports of the hacks. However, the report from Coinness also notified that ‘a large scale of lag appears on the contract page.’ With the eastern trading session in full swing at the moment, the west has not heard about the attacks just yet.

Are you experiencing problems with the exchange? Please share reports of any abnormality or loss of funds.

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