Tuscan GP begins with absolute chaos as four car pile up lead to red flag

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It took just mere moments for the safety car to come out, following the yellow flag being waved in Sector 1 of the first lap.

The dramatic start saw Carlos Sainz spin and Max Verstappen go into the gravel, ending his race before it had even started.

But the madness didn’t end there. After the safety car returned to the pits for lap 7, a huge pile-up followed, which led to the red flag coming out. 

At the front of the pack, Valtteri Bottas left it to the last moment to speed off once the safety car disappeared.

But those behind him had already started racing again and had nowhere to go, leading to a massive crash at the back. Check out the crazy incident below:

Absolutely crazy! There are debris everywhere. After the incident on lap 7, only 15 cars remain in the race. Six drivers didn’t even last 10 laps!

After three years without a red flag in F1, we’ve seen two in two races!

Thankfully, all the drivers involved in the crash walked away without serious injury.

“I’m OK and looks like everyone is OK and that’s the main thing because the crash was very scary,” Sainz said in the aftermath.

“We were racing and suddenly looks like we weren’t racing. I started braking and by the time I saw everything it was too late.

“It’s something to learn from here because it’s not a nice feeling to do 280kmh and suddenly find three cars stopped in the middle of the track.” 

After a long break to clear the track, the race restarted. Let’s hope there’s not any more carnage to follow.

Source: givemesport.com; gpblog.com

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