TRUE STORY: I’m Beyond Greateful To GOD It Happened

I stood frozen in the hallway as I overheard my kids talking.

I was on my way to bring in some cookies before we started decorating the Christmas tree.

My oldest son was home from college over Thanksgiving break.

He and Brittany, a sophomore in high school, were chatting in hushed tones in the game room, unaware that I could hear them.

It killed me to hear that Brittany wanted out of the house so bad…

And that Ben didn’t even want to be here…

Because of ME.

If you’ve ever experienced the horror that YOU were the cause of your child’s pain…

Then you know what I’m talking about.

But what she said next was the arrow to my heart that made me want to burst into a million pieces.

“I’ve been praying so hard for her, but
He’s obviously not answering my prayers.

I’m not even sure God’s real anymore.”

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