TRON’s Justin Sun Discloses Next Probable Token to Blossom on TikTok

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Justin Sun, a tech entrepreneur, founder of TRON cryptocurrency platform and present CEO of BitTorrent has taken to Twitter to reveal his intention of introducing BitTorrent cryptocurrency to TikTok users, in the same way some users of the trending Chinese video-displaying social networking service did to get the world acquainted with Dogecoin.

The world today has turned into a global village bringing about interconnection among different people from diverse countries, this has been a major reason businesses are making use of social media for product promotion.

The use of social media is fast-growing and gradually becoming the main medium for stirring views about diverse issues occurring around the globe.

Due to the importance of social media in the world today, players in the cryptocurrency space have however decided to make good use of this medium.

The current increase in the price of Dogecoin, occurred as a result of the action of some teenagers who went about hyping the coin on TikTok. This action put up, suddenly caused Dogecoin to rise up to 150% within two days, bringing everyone to startle.

At the moment, Justin Sun has taken different cryptos to his Twitter page, which are ADA. XLM. BTT and HOT asking users to select the crypto that will be the next beneficiary after DOGE.

The election is ongoing and would last for six days, after which the crypto which turns out to have the highest vote, will be the next cestui que trust.

As of now, close to 16,000 votes have been recorded, XLM already has 75.1% voters, ADA; 8.3%, HOT; 6.3% and BTT; 10.3% being the recent highest vote.

Meanwhile on the market statuses today, BitTorrent has already assumed the 86th position, having over 77 million USD in market cap, estimated around $0.000409 USD, with 29.992 million USD as its trading capacity.

The report gathered on CoinMarketCap shows that BTT has already skyrocketed by about 1.9%.

Although certain users of crypto gave succor to Sun’s opinion, a subdivision refused to give their support to the proposal.

Some users refused to dance to Justin’s tune. They saw his view as a way of inflating the value of BitTorrent.


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