Top Crypto-Related Things to do During Quarantine

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While on the lockdown, you probably eat more than usual, stress out reading the news and spend long hours in front of your crypto charts. But this lockdown can make up for the delay in all the things you have always wanted to do.

The question is, what have you always wanted to do? Here is the list of crypto-related books, courses, podcasts, bloggers and tools to get familiar with when you have some time on your hands.

Crypto-Related Books

How to day trade for a living

by Andrew Aziz

2000 ratings on Amazon: 4,5 stars

This book is a good starting point for people who only learn about trading. Although it is not about crypto and teaches you how to beat Wall Street, it gives you important concepts and trading strategies to launch yourself into day trading.

The reading material is not hard to understand, it’s rather practical and written for beginners in a simple language. Plus, the author gives you some psychological techniques to tune into the process of trading, for example, in the morning.

The Internet of Money

by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

492 ratings on Amazon: 4,5 stars

Written by an iconic Bitcoin evangelist and tech entrepreneur, The Internet of Money is a compilation of the talks that Antonopoulos has given over the past few years.

It could have been a good compliment to the informative and entertaining videos you can find on the author’s YouTube channel.

The book explores Bitcoin’s historical and political impact on society and argues that once and for all, it has transformed the way economics will work and people interact.

Crypto-Related Podcasts


by Laura Shin

Being an honest and well-prepared interviewer, Laura Shin might be called the blockchain niche’s Oprah, since she makes people open their hearts, answer tough questions and tear the vitals out of a subject.

She has already interviewed Elizabeth Stark, co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, Libra co-creator Christian Catalini, Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SmartValor, and many other interesting people building up the cryptocurrency world.

Chat with traders

by Aaron Fifield

This podcast is not about trading crypto, yet, the author extracts powerful insights from the talented traders from all over the world: forex forecasters, day traders, first-year traders, HFT experts, portfolio optimization managers, veteran traders, mentors and many more.

Aaron Fifield is a trader at a proprietary firm in Sydney and leads an algorithmic trading team.

On his show, he interviews the variety of traders from billionaires to retail grinders, which is always useful when you want to keep up to date with the market leaders of the niche.

Crypto-Related Tools

Crypto screeners

In a single line, crypto screeners describe all the information about the crypto asset. For example, general performance over different time periods, data from oscillators as well as an overview with the latest prices, highs and lows, volume and rating.

There are different crypto screeners, but the most famous one is the TradingView Crypto Screener.

Automated software

img 2.png

If you haven’t tried automated trading yet, the quarantine is a great time to try it for the first time!

TradeSanta is a cryptocurrency trading automation software well-suited for beginners and professional traders. Without making trading your full-time job, you can take advantage of crypto market fluctuations 24/7.

The team argues that one of the most significant advantages of automated trading is that you can step back from updating your charts constantly.

Real-time tracking ensures that traders are given updates when they need it most, transparent analytics offer insight at a glance into how a user’s strategies are performing, and Telegram notifications deliver alerts when urgent action needs to be taken.

To Sum Up

If there is a good way to have some quality time while sheltering in, this is probably reading, listening and trading for reals.

As you can see, our compilation touched the borderline between two different worlds: the world of cryptocurrencies and the world of trading in general. Because this is exactly what you need to trade cryptocurrencies and earn.

Learn about Bitcoin from Andreas Antonopoulos, apply trading techniques you’ve heard of on Chat with Traders and finally try to apply your knowledge on top of TradeSanta.

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