This is where popular Patriot Phil Godlewski donates the majority of his money

Phil Godlewski is a popular Patriot. He is firstly father, Entrepreneur , Content Creator and most recently a charity donator…

He recently makes advertisements for the popular product Meticore. There was some people who were sceptical about this ads, but Phil explained that 60% of the money he collects from Meticore he gives it for charity, mostly in Children hospitals…

The money raised supports specialist treatment from head to toe by funding life-saving equipment, new facilities, a comfortable environment and vital research which changes paediatric care for thousands of children from across the world.

He said: “This should be example how Entrepreneurs need to work!”

With this campaign Phil makes people live a healthier life and also helping our youth have a better chance of living a normal life…

Here you have a chance to be a part of this charity by buying at least 3 bottles of Meticore and safe childrens life.


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