The pressure Mick Schumacher has to deal with when he joins F1

Published by Cyber Flows on

It can’t be easy living in the shadows of a great name. Not to mention if that figure is your father!

That is what Mick, son of legendary Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher, has to deal with. Young Mick has been groomed from an early stage to resume the duties his father would leave behind.

It’s near unsurpassable pressure that accompanies such a task, and the boy, at the time, probably had no idea of what would be in store for him. Yet, he continued racing and would climb the ranks and pass each category to where he is now: racing in Formula 2, the feeder series to F1.

But here’s the thing. Schumacher is being groomed to one day drive for Ferrari. As a member of the team’s young driver program, and being the son of Ferrari’s favourite driver, it is somewhat assumed that he’ll don the red overalls in the future.

We have to ask, though, is he ready?


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