The potential that the FTO has and its accomplishments

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Top cryptocurrencies enjoyed solid gains.
The cryptocurrency market improved substantially this week after stabilizing over the previous period.

The market of digital assets keeps growing confidently. Once again, we can see the main coins test the resistance levels, however, the bears have yet failed to provoke any serious decline. That is why the current levels can be easily broken out soon. At the moment, there are no serious reasons for a descending correction. However, if the decline does happen, it will only provide the buyers with conservative levels. The pressure from the bulls remains really strong, and after a minimal decline, the market restores quickly and rushes at new heights. An attempt of growth from the current levels should not be excluded: with the buyers so aggressive, the market may soon test the local highs.


FuturoCoin (FTO) was created in response to market demand for cryptocurrency which would allow retailers to accept payments from buyers safely and immediately. This goal was achieved using two mutually complementing tiers of nodes.

The first tier, ordinary nodes, is responsible for maintaining proper functioning of the entire decentralized blockchain network. The second tier, or Masternodes, is responsible for the specific functionalities introduced by FuturoCoin.
Also, the reason is the creation of Hard Fork

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