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We are here to provide best solutions for you and your business. Meet our company and find out more about our projects and products. Read more and discover the story about company which is creating a real millionaires!

Who we are

The FutureNet Company was
established in 2012 and on
01.11.2014 we launched our
social media platform.
During last 6 years we have
built two new platforms and
a dozen of innovative products
and online services that are
used by over 6 million community
members from over 190 countries
of the world. About 10 to 20
thousand new members join the
company. In 2018 we launched
the cryptocurrency - FuturoCoin.

Our goals

We would be glad to provide
best solutions to help you develop
and grow your business. That’s why
we have created the first social
media platform which connects people
engaged in multi-level marketing.
FutureNet tools and products offer
people globally the possibility to
use their online potential optimally.
We’re the first social media platform
that is fully open-minded for
alternative business solutions
and cryptocurrencies.

Our values

In “FutureNet” the “F” states for
freedom – a freedom of choice. We
believe, that the best way to reach
success is to let people do their
things in ways that they want! That’s
why we are here. Turn your dreams into
reality, let your imagination work and
build your full business potential.
Start developing your future on your own.
Start build it with FutureNet.

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Founders and CEOs of FutureNet

- also Goodwill Ambassadors of Iimsam and United Nations!
Stephan Morgenstern

Stephan Morgenstern

Founder and CEO

Stephan spent his childhood growing up
in Germany, but for the last two and half
years he has called Poland his home.

Stephan has been involved in the
Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industry
for 25 plus years, building large companies
with team members all over the world.
Throughout his career he has collaborated
with leaders in the network marketing industry,
forming companies in Austria and Germany.
In every company he has helped open,
he has also held an executive-level
management position. Stephan has been
the keynote speaker at networking events
in Germany, Austria, Dubai, Turkey,
Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Roman Ziemian

Roman Ziemian

Founder and CEO

Roman was born in Jelenia Góra, Poland.
Roman is a graduate of a music school
and a school of arts and crafts.

Roman opened his first trading company at the
age of 15. In 1992, Roman left to the Netherlands
for an internship in Mammoth Antiek. Thanks to the experience gained in the company,
Roman became the head of the logistics
and customs clearance department when
got back to Poland.

In 1993 Roman went to Germany where he
has Spent the next 13 years getting new
knowledge and experience in business
development and management.
Roman graduated from the International
Institute of Higher Education in Zittau
and founded ProfiBau company. The main
core of company’s activities is logistics
and transportation. Roman has established
partnerships with several companies in
France, Sweden, Austria, and Cyprus.

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