Tarik Yildirim

Have you ever heard the song with “Fly like an eagle” words in its chorus? Some people dream to fly above even for just a few minutes and Tarik Yildirim from Turkey followed this dreams and changed it into the way of living.
Tarik Yildirim is a paragliding tandem pilot with 10 years of experience. He’s also the president of the Ordu Sportif Havacilik Club. As Tarik explains, over the single year he flights with about 100 tourists over Ordu city in which more than 500 thousand people are living. The city is known well in Turkey due to hills next to which it’s located.
Tarik’s paraglide has a great FutureNet sign. Thanks to him, our logo can be seen even high in the sky.
For more information visit Ordu Sportif Havacilik Club’ website!

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